Who Has 1000s of Photos on Their Phone?

I know who, but I won’t embarrass them and tell. Is it you, too? If you lost your phone, would you lose all your photos, too? Or do you have a system where you transfer photos off of your phone and back them up to your computer? Do you ever print your phone photos?

Sure some of us remember when we used to keep small printed photos of our loved ones in our wallets. Now, we can have 100s if not 1000s of photos of our families and friends right in our pockets accessible through our camera roll and our Instagram or Facebook. But is this the best way to treat those awesome pics? And can you find that special shot to show your friend without them dying of old age while politely standing there waiting for you to scroll and scroll and scroll looking for it? When was the last time you actually printed a photo and put it in a frame, or tacked it to your office wall, or stuck it to the fridge door?

The first thing you can do is make sure your phone photos are syncing with your laptop or a cloud-based service like the Dropbox app. This ensures you will not lose all of your photos if you lose your phone. Depending on the type of phone you have, the process can be automatic or as simple as plugging your phone into your computer once a week and transferring the photos.

Click here for a free guide to managing your phone photos

Once you get this little chore done, you can start to play around with the really fun stuff and get some photo products made. Apart from high-quality custom photo books, many companies are developing creative ways to put your unique photos on all kinds of items, and most are accessible through phone apps. You can get 85 free prints a month through the Freeprints app. I have had gorgeous canvas wrap prints made from both Snapbox and Mixbook. Sticky9 and Social Print Studio will print magnets and Polaroid square photos of your Instagram shots. PrinterStudio will print your favorite photos on gifts ranging from jigsaw puzzles to clocks and pillows.

I am familiar with some of these fun photo printing options, but there are far more than I can to go into here. Get started today; free your photos from the little glowing screen; and surround yourself with more photos that will make you smile every day. 

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