A Different Kind of Resolution?

Let’s be honest for a minute. How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? It’s been a couple of weeks, maybe the typical type of goals have slipped a little?

I’ll be honest here, too: The luster of attainable self-improvement has certainly faded for me these past few weeks of the New Year. I always start out so energized and enthusiastic at the beginning of the year and then quickly realize that the New Year isn’t some magical point in time where all my changes will be made.

What do you want to change? What were those resolutions you were so excited about not so long ago? Maybe a different kind of resolution is in order? Do you want to figure out how to sort, organize and delete your digital photos? Do you want to make that special and unique baby book for your special and unique baby-that-maybe-is-really-a-toddler/kiddo-now? Do want to digitize that dusty and neglected box of photos you’ve been ignoring for years?

Do you want to make a slideshow to show off to your far-flung loved ones of all the fun you had on that awesome Mexican vacation? Would you like to make a photo collage of your pregnancy photos and watch your belly grow again? Do you want to print (Gasp! Remember those?!) your Instagram photos?

Changes can be made, but it takes small and incremental steps. The key to realizing any goal you set, any time of year, is making small changes, taking small bites. Maybe just start with the photos taken over the holidays this past year. 

These are the simple (and attainable!) steps I recommend to anyone with the goals of organizing their digital photos or starting a special photo project:

Step 1 – Gather your photos into one hub, be it a pictures folder on your computer or a table in your house for prints.

Step 2 – Sort your photos so you can identify which are duplicates, which are bad photos to toss and which are the very best photos to share with loved ones.

Step 3 – Back up your photos so they are secure and preserved in case of a disaster, digital or natural. Scan your prints, and make a backup copy of all digital images to the Cloud or to an external hard drive that you keep at work.

This could be your year to succeed with your resolution to get your photo chaos under control! 

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2015 Save Your Photos Day event at MOHAI is this Saturday

The 2015 Save Your Photos Day event at MOHAI is just a few days away! Please note there is still space available so tell your friends, family and collegues. Visit the Events page to register. 

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