Scrapping the Old Baby Book

The Munchkin just turned two and I am now ready to send his baby book out to be printed. It has been a big project, one that I started in a traditional scrapbook-style baby book I was gifted before he was born. I worked on it dutifully, got photo prints made, all while thinking I was doing the right thing and documenting his first year.

Well, to be honest, it sucked. I have terrible handwriting, first of all. Then here I was gluing photos and mementos to these slick pages against my better judgment. And the ultrasound pictures? The ink or dye from the prints bled onto the opposite page and left a huge, ugly stain. It was a disaster.

I have scrapped the whole thing and vowed to start over. I knew that I hated the stuffy scrapbook format and that a custom and modern photobook would be the perfect solution to memorializing his first year. I could replace my awful handwriting with nice fonts, I could scan the birth announcement and the hospital bracelets, and I wouldn’t be limited by the number of photos I could glue to the pages of the old baby book.  Oh! I had so many ideas about what to include in the book from his horoscope and headlines from the day he was born to all the baby firsts I documented as he grew.

After a few fits and starts, I have finished the entire baby book layout. Truly, the hardest part has been creating a multi-generational family tree. This was an element I wanted to carry over from the original book and showcase a couple of generations back with grandparents and great grandparents. Since I have gotten over that stumbling block, I now trust that my baby’s first year book is as perfect as it will get and finally sent it out to be printed! 

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