Enjoy the Sunny Feeling

Monochrome grey. Dark. Drizzly. This is what February in Seattle is supposed to be like, but so far in 2015 it is feeling like SPRING. It’s weird and I don’t want to really think about why, but I am loving it. I’ve been able to sit outside in the sun, wear flip-flops, and daydream about the new garden beds we are going to build for our summer berries.

Spring also gets me thinking about spring cleaning and not just the dust bunnies under the couch-kind of spring cleaning. Your digital files and photos could benefit from some organization and weeding too. Unused and forgotten files and programs eat up storage, slow down your devices, and make finding things that much harder when you need the important stuff.

Take some time this spring and follow a simple process to clean up your digital files. Make sure you backup your most important data first to a cloud service like DropBox or to an external hard drive. You can immediately cleanup your desktop by gathering all your files by type into a few large overarching folders like Documents and Photos and Media.

Now you can begin to delete unneeded files like drafts or copies. Programs or apps that you never use can be uninstalled. Duplicate photos and the less-than stellar photos can be weeded out and deleted. Delete all the so-so photos clogging up your phone and clean out your email inbox.

Finally, organize files into a clean and simple file structure that makes sense to you without too many granular subfolders. Then backup all your nice organized digital files again.

Try a couple of hours of cleaning and organizing your digital files and photos this spring and enjoy the sunny feeling of a simpler and sorted digital life.

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