New Home, New Memories, New Photo Project!

The family and I moved on from our beloved Georgetown neighborhood early last summer into our American Dream of a detached house, quiet neighborhood, and a yard for the kiddo and dog to run around in. Because really, the townhouse courtyard was not cutting it for our active Australian Shepherd (sorry, Girl!), and the little one will be running circles around us any day now (*sigh*). We were lucky and found our sweet 1945 Minimal Traditional in West Seattle with room to roam inside and out.

The new house is charming, feels lived in and has a history! This is in stark contrast to our modern industrial style townhouse that we got to live in as the very first owners. I knew a little bit about the history of our new house through the couple we bought it from, and I thought it would be really cool to have a historical photo of the house.

King County had contracted with the Works Project Administration (WPA) beginning in 1937 to take a photographic catalog of most of Seattle’s houses. The Washington State Puget Sound Regional Archives cares for these images now and provided me with two high-quality scanned images, from 1946 and 1991, of my house taken by the Assessor’s Office.

I’m still very attracted to modern aesthetics so I had the images reproduced as ultra-modern metal prints. It’s an awesome marriage of the historical house photos with contemporary styling and presentation.

Have you thought about doing a special photo organizing project to commemorate your homes’ history or another special place? 

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